John Bishop

John Bishop, the stand-up comedian, is on his first tour in three years. “Winging It,” is sold out in many venues, with Bishop’s show called “funny to the bone.” The comedian announced the show on 29 September 2016.

His fifth tour will take place during October and November, with Bishop stating that he is looking forward to being back on the road.

The tour will feature 35 shows. Bishop, the highest paid comedian in the United Kingdom, in 2016 at least, has been away from touring for three years. He has spent a lot of time doing television work.

John Bishop in Conversation With is one of his most popular shows and features the comedian interviewing famous people about their lives and careers.

The return to touring marks the longest span that Bishop has remained away from touring. Known for his entrance in comedy coming late in life, Bishop called the show Winging It to mark his late arrival on the scene.

He has stated that despite his major success, he often feels like he is “winging it.”

Bishop’s comedy career didn’t begin until 2002. The now world-famous comedian, now 50 years old, didn’t perform standup comedy until October 2000. He performed in Manchester gaining confidence from the crowd.

The rest of his story is nothing short of a fairytale.

Bishop’s first standup routine quickly led to him making it to the finals of the So You Think You’re Funny competition. He went on to be recognized for his talents by winning several awards the same year, including the BBC New Comedy Award.

In 2002, his career started to pick up with him winning the best newcomer award on BBC Radio.

Bishop went from being a medical representative to one of the best in comedy within just two years of his first time doing standup.

The raw comedic talent that Bishop possesses has allowed him to remain a leading name in comedy. Bishop’s humour is best described as being colourful with a lot of his jokes including personal experiences in life.

Bishop’s life is a story of its own, and a lot of this story will be heard in his routine.

He often recounts his days cycling around the world and what it’s like to be a dad. His array of jobs before hitting the big stage are also in the lineup. He often speaks of his time as a club doorman which is a colourful experience in itself.