20 Years of Placebo

Placebo is an alternative rock band from London, England that was formed in 1994. The band’s first big break came in 1997 with “Nancy Boy,” a song that sparked the group’s transition to stardom. Formerly known as Ashtray Heart, the band consists of two members: Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal.

The band decided to release their debut album to mark their twentieth anniversary. They also released their first five albums on vinyl.

The group announced their “A Place for Us to Dream” tour on March 2016. The tour is to mark 20 years of Placebo with the first date of the tour in December 2016. The tour remained in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Fans hoping to hear some of the band’s older songs will be happy to know that Molko announced that the group will play songs that they swore never to play again. You’ll be able to hear a varied setlist that will include a lot of the new hits from Placebo along with a lot of your older favorites.

The band’s 20 Years of Placebo tour started in Aarhus, Denmark and was chaos from the start. The concert was cut short when the band was just two songs into the set. Fans complained after Molko was removed from the stage, being called “incoherent” during the set.

A statement from the band indicated that the singer had a negative reaction to new medication, which caused him to have problems performing.

The tour went on the next evening, with Molko able to perform the entire night.

Critics reviewed the tour very highly, with the band’s performance receiving several positive reviews along the way. The tour continued on into 2017, with Australian dates added in the autumn.

The band feeds off of the energy of the crowd and is not shy to play encore performances when fans demand it.

The show often ends with the hit “Running Up That Hill,” a hit that was released in 2003. But, the band is known to change things up, so you never know what to expect during their shows. They have an array of songs that they can introduce to fans to keep the night going.

Opening act Minor Victories opened up the show many times during the initial tour dates. The group has hazy vocals and plays the piano beautifully. They are a great opener for Placebo and help set the stage for the rest of the night’s events.